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Logo Wear – 3 Classic Mistakes

Logo wear is the gateway to your brand! It gives consumers the feeling of belonging, the satisfaction of supporting a cause or mission, the status of buying into the lifestyle, and the generosity of sharing your brand.

Because of this consumer affinity, as curators of brand, I believe we have an obligation to deliver our best with each product collection we release. Unfortunately, far too often product managers and supply chain professionals miss the mark of delivering their brands best as a result of these 3 classic mistakes.

The Consumer Calendar: the legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." In the case of creating product, not aligning product releases in a cadence in which your consumer understands and values is failing to prepare.

Streamline Your Products: Too many choices leads to less sales! Freedom of choice is a value most of us treasure. However when we force our consumers to sift through 12 - 15 different styles each in 4 - 6 different colors that freedom takes more effort to make a decision and often the consumer chooses not to buy at all. Too many choices, too many decisions and too little time translates into less sales. Less is more...streamline your product assortment using sales data!

New Doesn't Mean Starting Over: Scaling a product assortment comes down to consumer insight and a firm understanding of what it means to create something NEW.

As you look forward to developing your next logo wear program, think about how you might avoid these 3 classic mistakes. Do that, and you may be one of those professionals who helps their brand grow into new and uncharted territory.

Make change happen!

Justin McKibben has been operating in the fashion industry for 25 years. Previously at McKibben Screen Printing & Distribution, McKibben grew up in his family’s apparel manufacturing business where he developed his passion for assisting companies with the design and manufacturing of private label apparel. After dissolving the family business in 2000, McKibben held Executive roles in Retail Development and International Manufacturing where his collaborative approach and contagious enthusiasm helped to drive profitable growth. Today, McKibben serves as a Business Development Executive for Melmarc a vertical private label apparel manufacture. During his 13 year tenure at Melmarc, McKibben has enjoyed executing clear strategic plans and carefully cultivating relationships resulting in increased company sales nearly $50M to date.