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Building a Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

The international provider of insight-led customer experiences, Mapp, and the world's fastest-growing commerce platform, VTEX, launched the interactive guide "Retail vs. DTC – An Informative Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Marketing" as a part of their partnership:

The interactive DTC guide is free of charge and is aimed at manufacturers, retailers, eCommerce brands, and agencies – with a truly international customer base in mind. It addresses fundamental questions around successful DTC business models, such as building up and increasing one's brand awareness and how customers can be acquired, nurtured, and retained through targeted DTC marketing.

Daniela Jurado, Western Europe General Manager & EMEA SVP at VTEX, comments: "Through DTC, companies can implement customer-centric processes, increase commercial success and get to know their customers better so they can respond quickly to their needs. DTC brands benefit from managing the entire customer cycle and having full control over the customer experience."

Ricardas Montvila, VP Global Strategy at Mapp, adds: "In the past, manufacturers depended on established stores and chains to reach consumers and prove product quality. However, fresh DTC brands have to gain the trust of potential customers in other ways. An insight-led marketing strategy is the right approach to easily and effectively build brand awareness and compelling customer experiences to establish long-term relationships with consumers."

Direct-to-consumer is on the rise. According to the market and consumer data specialist Statista, eCommerce direct sales in the US alone will grow by 35% from the current $129.31 billion to $174.98 billion by 2023.

Manufacturers and CPG brands benefit from selling direct-to-consumer in many different ways. They retain complete control over their brand, product presentation and quality, packaging, and the accompanying service and marketing activities. Therefore, DTC brands are in a position to provide a compelling customer experience from first contact to delivery and offer products at significantly more attractive prices to consumers while achieving higher margins. To make the most of DTC brands need to focus on data-driven marketing strategies and solutions.

Those interested can also share their experiences and use cases for successful DTC marketing in the "Improve Your Marketing" expert community: