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58% of customers will abandon a business due to a poor customer experience

Online retailers are losing out on a significant amount of revenue to customers dissatisfied with the experience they offer, with 70 percent of all online shopping carts abandoned prior to checkout. Some 58% of customers will stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience.

According to nShift, the global leader in delivery management software solutions, however, ensuring a satisfactory end-to-end experience could increase conversion rates by up to 35 percent.  

In its latest guide, "Strengthening customer relationships at each stage of the delivery journey", nShift explores the elements required to deliver such an experience. It shows how perfecting the end-to-end delivery experience can help retailers:

Deliver better for customers – the delivery process is increasingly important to the customer experience. Almost half of consumers will shop elsewhere if they feel delivery times are too long. And it's not just about speed. 30% say being able to specify an exact delivery slot would encourage them to shop with a particular retailer.

Build stronger relationships with customers – shoppers like to know who they're dealing with. Two in five are more likely to recommend a product if it comes in branded packaging. Communication is important too. Four in five consumers believe retailers should communicate every stage of the fulfillment and delivery journey.6

Get to know customers better – taking ownership of customer data will furnish retailers with the insight they need into a customer's shopping history, enabling them to make recommendations, avoid previous mistakes, and deliver the experience they expect.

Lars Pedersen, CEO of nShift, said: "From the moment they visit an online store to the moment they receive their order, customers today expect a smooth, friction-free shopping journey.

"By ensuring an excellent end-to-end delivery and returns experience, retailers can address factors such as insufficient delivery options, which may prove off-putting. In doing so, they can gain the trust, loyalty, and repeat business of their customers."

Download the guide, "Strengthening customer relationships at each stage of the delivery journey" here.