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The Life of A Rebel: Michelle Cordeiro Grant

In this interview, Michelle Cordeiro Grant (founder and CEO of Lively) speaks about how she took her experience working for Victoria's Secret and built a business around that to disrupt the lingerie industry.

0:00​ Intro
0:29​ First job
0:59​ Parents expectations
2:05​ Experience at Victoria's Secret
5:00​ Leaving Victoria's Secret
6:08​ Learning from a startup
7:04​ The entrepreneurial bug
8:44​ Getting off the ground
10:26​ The first few months
14:28​ An unexpected surprise
18:27​ Jagged shaped entrepreneurs
19:16​ Disrupting the industry
21:42​ Advice to entrepreneurs
24:07​ Outro

Shopify's President Harley Finkelstein "The Life Of A Rebel" series talks with today's leading brand leaders - "Being an entrepreneur comes down to being a rebel: challenging the status quo, resisting conventional paths to success, and taking the road less travelled."