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The Life Of A Rebel: Babba Rivera

In this episode, we talk about Babba's humble upbringing in Sweden, her relentless curiosity, her time at uber and (then startup) away, her plan to build the next clean haircare beauty brand and much more.

“It’s never been about being at the cool company, it has always been about building the next cool company.”

In this episode we talk about:
- How to transition your business from side hustle to full-time 
- How she built Uber 20% week over week and building Away in the early days
- How to be an intrapreneur within a big company
- How to build a D2C beauty brand

0:00​ Intro
0:23​Babba's upbringing
2:31​How Babba got into marketing
5:00​ Time at Uber
7:15​ From Uber to Away
8:51​ Becoming an entrepreneur
11:05​ Creating ByBabba
12:56​ Launching Ceremonia & going All In
15:56​ Why Ceremonia?
19:59​ Learnings from building during a pandemic
22:13​ Views on entrepreneurship as a parent
24:23​ Advice for fellow entrepreneurs
26:47​ Outro

Shopify's President Harley Finkelstein "The Life Of A Rebel" series talks with today's leading brand leaders - "Being an entrepreneur comes down to being a rebel: challenging the status quo, resisting conventional paths to success, and taking the road less travelled."