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The Consumer-The Reason For Being

DEFINE YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER(S) DNA, PERSONA AND LIFESTYLE. Brands need to have a crystal clear understanding of their primary target consumer(s). Profile were your target consumer shops and who are their favorite brands. Define them granularly with as much specificity as possible.

UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WANT AND UNDERSTAND HOW YOU WILL DELIVER CONSISTENT VALUE-NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. Your consumers value you based on the positive elements your brand brings to their life. The better job you do in providing those elements, the more your brand will be loved

DELIGHT YOUR CONSUMER WITHPRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT CAN’T BE MATCHED. People connect to a brand through their products. The best product always wins. Product and Service innovation drives consumer loyalty. Brands that consistently deliver on innovation are typically the category leaders.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS- DON’T JUST BE PREDICTABLE…BE PREDICTABLY GREAT. Understand “What Is Great” in the mind of your consumer.

MANAGE YOUR BRAND’S MESSAGE AT EVERY CONSUMER TOUCHPOINT. Consumers come in contact with your brand in many ways. Most importantly with your products. Next on your brand’s web-site, in the retail stores that feature your brand and your products, in your brand’s marketing and advertising in your brand’s publicity, in your social marketing, etc.

USE SOCIAL MARKETING TO DEVELOP ONE-ON-ONE CONSUMER RELATIONSHIPS. Social marketing has invaded every part of your consumer’s consciousness. This fact gives your brand the opportunity insert your brand’s messages and unique point–of-view directly into the lives of your consumers.

EACH LEVEL OF YOUR ORGANIZATION MUST BE COMMITTED TO DELIVER THE BRAND’S PROMISE TO YOUR RETAILERS AND YOUR CONSUMERS. Brand Alignment is achieved when every person, department, function and your product consistently delivers on your brand’s promise. It won’t just happen, it needs to be planned, strategized, managed, well executed and your results must be tracked.

BUILD BUYER ND DESIGNER REALTIONSHIPS WITH ONE-ON-ONE COMMUNICATION. Your design team needs to stay in touch with your buyer. Buyers are the ultimate Gate Keepers to your retail customers.

GOALS, STRATEGIES, PLANS, SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES MUST BE ALIGNED TO CONSISTENTLY DELIVER AND TO EXCEED CONSUMER EXPECTATIONS. Execution is ALWAYS the key to your brand’s success. There are no “Small Things” in branding. EVERYTHING matters and success is based on consistently exceeding the demands of both your end consumer and your retail customer – always.

TRACK CONSUMER SATISFACTION METRICS-DRIVE IMPROVED PERFORMANCE. Develop a set of Consumer Satisfaction Categories and establish Key Results Metrics.

REACH OUT TO YOUR RETAILERS FOR THEIR FEEDBACK-CEO TO STORE OWNER. Every Brand CEO should directly reach out to your customers

IMPLEMENT A CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT PROCESS FOR BRAND SERVICES. Every Brand needs to drive consistent brand performance improvements. Product, marketing, sales, operations, on time Delivery; all of these brand performance characteristics can be improved. Once you get on a Continuous Improvement Discipline, you will be amazed how much improvements will be made within your brand.

Dac Clark - RepSpark CEO