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Reset the Rules of the Marketplace

It is imperative to Reset the Rules of the Markeplace to succeed today. With the influx of brands, focus on ecommerce and dwindling prebook, being gently disruptive is more important than ever. For more details on each point below, click on the "I want more" button velow.

1. Be Disruptive - Reset The Rules Of The Game - Conventional strategies and following existing rules of the market is boring. Coloring out of the box and setting your own rules can cause market disruption and gets your brand attention. It also an essential step in establishing your brand as a leader.

2. Redefine The Consumer Experience - Where Ever And When Ever It Is Possible. Find ways to dramatically improve how consumers experience your brand.

3. Use State-Of-The-Art Selling Systems to Improve Brand Sales Processes. The rules have changed. The old selling environment is over. Consider digital order pads to present the line – they will take your brand into the 21st century. Selling Systems like RepSpark provide robust tools that will revolutionize the selling process for your brand.

4. Make Retailers More Money – Beat Your Competitors – Think GMROI. GMROI is Gross Margin Return On Investment. Think about ways that you can help retailers make more money with your brand.

5. Lead The Market On Your Own Terms - Shift Paradigms. Market Leaders don’t have to ask permission. They take risks and move markets. Shifting Paradigms means challenging the status quo. Nothing is ever done once and for all; no rule cannot be broken.

6. Use Social & Viral Marketing 3.0 To Communicate Your Brand Message To Your Consumers – Success today depends on brand’s having a very strong Social Marketing Strategy. Social Marketing speaks directly to your brand’s consumer.

7. Know, Engage, Involve and Win-over Your Retailer’s Gatekeepers.  Every retail operation has gatekeepers. Know who they are. Engage them.

8. Establish New Tools That Expand Your Brand Services. Use “Retail Tools” to connect to your retailers.

9. Create Brand LOVE – Can Consumers Really Have Love Relationships With Brands? Why not? No one would deny that there are way too many brands today. We also live a time pressured world. Way too little time, to develop consumer relationships. Even with these challenges I am convinced that consumers do develop strong attachments to brands. This can evolve into a “Brand Love” I believe that in today’s marketplace, the future of branding is to work on building intense and emotional brand love.

10. Dramatically Exceed Your Competitor’s Consumer Expectations. Understand all the ways your competitors connect with your consumer.

11. Apply Consultive Selling Methods to Build Retail “Partnerships”. The selling playbook has changed significantly. Thoughtful “Consultive Selling” can bring the retail buyer on to your team.

12. Always Frustrate The Competition by Using Disruptive Sales Tactics, Compelling Products and Intrusive Marketing To Stay Ahead - The BIGGEST mistake brands can make is to focus on what your competition is doing and just do that better. This “look and see” attitude places you in the “follower-position.” My opinion you set your own plan for disruption and then charge full steam ahead on your own track, regardless of what your competitors are doing. If you lead by market disruption, product excellence and relevant brand differentiation – you win.

Dac Clark - RepSpark CEO