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It’s All About The Brand

After the consumer which is necessary for the brand, it is important to turn inward to the brand. Following please find the most important points to focus on when truly looking at your brand.

1. Make Your Brand An Icon- Iconic branding will not happen on it's own. It is a combination of many facets.

2. Always Measure Your Brand From The Outside In. Many branders look at their brand from an internal point of view. The real measure of branding effectiveness is measured from The Outside In.

3. Have Great Original Products And Great Marketing that consistently make your brand special and continually shouts your brand’s unique message.

4. Remember; Today It Isn’t What You Say It Is What They Say About Your Brand. I repeat this one because it is the best point of view the care and feeding of Great Brands in today’s marketing environment.

5. Strong Brands Have Pricing Power – Premium Pricing Often Works.

6. Have a Defined Brand Strategy. Know Your Brand Deeply.

• Your Brand’s Reason For Being,
• Your Brand DNA,
• Your Competitive Edge,
• Your Competitive Positioning.

7. Brand Name Everything. Styles, Processes, Competencies – It Works.

8. Keep Your Branding, Advertising, Marketing Messages And Consumer Appeals Very Simple But Highly Distinctive.

9. Message Management, Brand Message Alignment & Consistency Wins. Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them and then remind that what you said. Repetition works.

10. Manage And Control The Brand Message At All Brand Touch Points.

Dac Clark, RepSpark CEO