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Why the Customer Experience Matters

Keeping customers happy is the job of every representative – not just customer service

“The customer experience encompasses every single interaction that a customer has with your company… I believe that everyone has a role in the customer experience, even if you’re not directly customer-facing. Everyone’s in the business of customer service.” – Dan Gingiss

Not all brands are created equal, and what sets one brand apart from the others is its ability to deliver an extraordinary experience to their customers from start to finish. The future of business leaves little room for error when it comes to delighting your customers. Fortunately, the opportunities to capitalize on customer loyalty are vast in this day and age.

Renowned marketer and author Dan Gingiss joined a recent episode of the GRIN Gets Real podcast to discuss what this great customer experience looks like from the brand perspective. In this exclusive interview, he encourages marketers to channel that “inner consumer” within to anticipate the customer’s deeper needs.