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Visionary Chronicles: How to Build an Authentic Community

In Bryan Smeltzer's new Podcast, he discusses why defining your Brand and building your Community authentically leads to a Loyal customer base.

Your Brand Community is your voice to the world. You must earn their Trust, build their Loyalty and nurture their Knowledge. Create Content that is real, authentic, and consistent.

Being able to entrust your Community, knowing they understand your brand and your ETHOS. Continually providing experiences and products that build their Passion for your brand. Selling your Lifestyle invites those who want to be a part of your Community to join the team. Aspiration and Inspiration are two characteristics of a consumer-driven brand that understands what it takes to build a brand beyond the product. You are only as good as your customer's willingness to buy your products, which is realized through experiences extending beyond your product. Build it, and they will comeā€¦

To build a Community, you must be a brand, one valued beyond its product. You are providing an engagement and Lifestyle that your customer appreciates. We live in a world of experiences and the need to be a part of a Lifestyle. The products we wear a reflection of the brands positioning. Defining who you are, what you do, and how you engage and provide Value to your Community.

How do you provide this Value? Position your brand and build an authentic Community. The following are seven areas to focus on;

  1. Walk the Talk; be authentic, understand "who you are" and "what you do." Loyalty and Trust are built off the shoulders of staying true to your Positioning and Vision.
  2. Build trust; stay True, not False, be Consistent, not Inconsistent, stay Real.
  3. Find your Community; define "who you are" and "what you do," now find those who want to be part of your Lifestyle and Brand.
  4. Leverage Ecosystems; social media strategy and engagement is well documented; stay focused around where your Community is. Have a plan around how you will drive relevant content and engagement.
  5. Rewards; reward those who are Loyal to your brand, and provide a voice to others. Do not violate their trust, nor offer a meaningless relationship. Be consistent, continually offer benefits for their Loyalty.
  6. Provide Value; provide content that allows your Community to enjoy the Lifestyle you are reflecting. Beyond product, deliver targeted content to support their activity or Lifestyle, whether a runner, hiker, athlete, artist, whatever they desire, satisfy the need.
  7. Engage; ensure you are engaging. Be available, be consistent, and have a plan to nurture your Community needs.

Building an authentic, loyal Community is difficult, time-consuming, and requires unending patience.

If you are committed to this, you will have built a lasting Community, Loyal, and values your Brand Vision.