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Visionary Chronicles: How to Adapt to Opportunities and Succeed

In the environment we currently find ourselves in; it may be counterintuitive to suggest finding an opportunity to succeed versus maintaining the status quo.

I have worked directly with and met many global leaders, visionaries, those who set the path forward for brands. I found a common trait with each of these leaders, PERSEVERANCE, the ability to remain steadfast in executing on their VISION despite the difficulty in achieving its success. Perseverance is a trait that is easier said than done, and those who authentically have it more often than not succeed where others fail.

I have found over the years in being a part of or working directly with these global ICONIC brands (Oakley, TaylorMade, adidas, Nike, etc.), each has always found a way to set the path forward regardless of the fog that lies ahead.

It is one thing to define an opportunity; it is another to execute on the path to achieve its success. I have found there to be five distinct areas most of these visionaries and companies have in common when faced with realizing these new opportunities;

1> Stick to your Path/Plan, always take two steps forward, continue to progress. Remain flexible, divert when necessary, but assure the new direction ultimately achieves your Vision.

2> Do not listen to naysayers. Visionaries are always ahead of those who are behind in their thinking. Be sensitive to opinions, but understand each must move the company towards realizing the new opportunity. Be a team, but be a leader. The road ahead in a crisis is full of barriers; take them on one by one.

3> Be realistic; it will take you longer than you think and cost more money than you had planned.

4> Be creative, whether it be product, financing, logistics, find a way to provide value to those who engage with and buy from your brand.

5> Have thick skin; you will be hit on all sides, be sure to stand tall, remain persistent, engage your team, and communicate continually.

• Defining an opportunity is easy; executing on your Vision is difficult.

• This is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to establish your company, drive revenue growth, and secure your future.

• Remember, define your Vision, have a Plan, set your path, support your team, communicate relentlessly, persevere through the barriers, and you will succeed.

Stay True, stay Authentic, be Different, be Great!