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Claima Stories with Bimma: Shannon Maldonado – Founder of YOWIE

Growing up in Philly, She would’ve never imagined her love of making trinkets and clothes with her mom would lead to over 10 years as children’s clothing designer to packing up her life and moving back home to follow her passion. 

She shares how the guidance of her high school art teachers fed her big city dreams of moving to New York, and going to design school, her journey from from getting a peak behind the curtain at Rocawear at the peak of their success, to landing a job at American Eagle’s 77 kids as a designer.  

BUT Shannon felt a pull home that would change her trajectory forever.  After cultivating a 10 year career as a designer, she decided to pack up, move back home with her parents, and her love of ceramics would inspire her to  expand YOWIE. With a fun and uniquely personal approach to e-commerce Shannon saw an opening to take her promising online shop, to brick and mortar. 

About Claima Stories with Bimma:

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