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Claima Stories with Bimma: Melody Ehsani – Designer / Entrepreneur

Instead of following her family’s wishes and going to law school, Melody Ehsani decided to pack up and head to China where she would design her first collection of heels, not sneakers, as some of you may have thought, basically run as a one-woman creative shop and pivot into jewelry design that put her in position to work with legends like Saul Williams and Erykah Badu. 

Although you’d think that Melody would lean into the glitz and glamour that comes with that, she returned home to open up shop and bring some much-needed feminine energy to Fairfax, where her shop would become the center of education and social justice. 

Today, Melody is known for her incredible projects with Reebok, Jordan, and Footlocker.

 About Claima Stories with Bimma:

Former Nike Marketer, Bimma Williams interviews leading and emerging BIPOC creatives about how they were able to break into the notoriously guarded creative and sneaker industries. From these stories, listeners will learn how to claim their dream careers. Featuring Melody Ehsani, Jeff Staple, and James Whitner. Listen and Subscribe now.