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Claima Stories with Bimma: Darla DeGrace : DeGrace Group

After growing up in the projects of Cambridge, MA, it took Darla 9 years to get her degree while balancing a full time job. She has since dedicated her career to being a champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, partnering with global sportswear brands like Reebok. 

Claima Stories with Bimma is a Career Discovery Podcast created by Bimma Williams and BJ Frogozo to help job seekers of color discover their dream careers by offering them exposure to life-altering opportunities. During these one on one interviews, Bimma explores the inspiring stories of top talent of color and the incredible careers they've been able to claim. Claima Stories with Bimma has been praised in global publications like Footwear News, integrated into conferences like Footwear Forum, streamed in over 38 countries, and listened to by the managers of Travis Scott and Donald Glover.