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Twik – Automated Personalization Platform files for Patent

The holy grail of every ecommerce shop owner is to increase sales and cart size (AOV) checkouts, and to increase ROI with minimal effort. That's the dream of the entire marketing industry. twik, a Tel Aviv startup company, announced it has filed a patent request from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for its innovative personalization automation technology platform.

Now more than ever, marketers are looking for new tools, channels, and methods to increase conversion rates and grow their sales pipeline. Personalization is a go-to solution for many, with 99% of marketers agreeing that personalization helps advance customer relationships, with 78% claiming it has a "strong" or "extremely strong" impact. 92% state that their customers and prospects expect a personalized experience (up from 85% last year). Marketers continue to see positive business results from personalization too: in 2020, the overwhelming majority (97%) report a measurable lift from their personalization efforts, up 7 percentage points from last year. The vast majority of marketers (97%) report improvement in business results due to personalization. Almost a quarter of marketers this year (24%) achieved a lift higher than 20%. 

The top 3 obstacles in making eCommerce personalization a bigger priority in organizations are the same ones as last year: a lack of personnel (54%), a lack of budget (44%) and a lack of knowledge/skills (43%). Lack of organizational alignment was also a common issue (38%). 

Twik says it managed to resolve marketers' concerns by automating the personalization process using deep learning artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to reverse the formula of how to sell more on ecommerce stores. With twik, ecommerce websites can utilize full personalization automation, without a learning curve or dedicated personnel, at a fraction of the cost (as little as 1 tenth of a ยข per personalized visitor).

And on top of the: no configuration, no "what do I do", and being fully automatic, twik is keeping the strictest GDPR/CCPA/ICO policies without using cookies, whilst actually reversing the formula of how to sell more on ecommerce stores.

Twik is developed by Twik Technologies LTD., an award winning technology startup for its innovative retail and U+CX platform, is currently empowering 3000 clients worldwide that utilize twik AI and machine learning algorithms to increase: checkouts, AOV, CLTV, store sales, and eventually increasing ROI.

Twik CEO, Roi Sorezki says "this IP states twik as an innovative platform that will soon change the way the entire marketing industry is working. Twik is a must for every eCommerce website, new, existing and enterprise-size to best utilize their traffic and increase their engagements and retention. With twik, eCommerce stores benefit a plug-and-play platform that has one goal in mind - increase the visitors to buyers ratio whilst keeping the most uncompromising visitors anonymity and privacy."

The IP comes after a four-years stealth mode where the company was trying its sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) algorithms on hundreds of ecommerce stores worldwide in all industries, types, and sizes. Twik increases the value of each website by learning its visitors and offerings and then making an intelligent decision to best match the visitor with the personalized product in order for them to buy that product and reduce churn and friction.