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Sendle Changes the Game for Small Businesses, Again, With its New Inflation-busting “Sendle Saver” Low-Cost Service

Sendle, the Certified B Corp shipping solution that offers 100% carbon neutral shipping for small businesses – has announced a new service called Sendle Saver – a whole new way for small businesses to tap into even lower rates via a low-cost shipping option – with extra savings up to 60%. Sendle Saver is a new shipping service available to all Sendle customers, and promises delivery within two to eight days.

As small business owners continue to be crunched by adverse economic conditions, most recently due to raised inflation rates, Sendle – which is specifically designed to level the playing field between large and small business operators – aims to save small businesses money and mitigate the stresses of peak holiday season amidst a recession backdrop.

"Small business operators can't seem to catch a break with one adversity after the other and many continue to search for ways to stay afloat," said James Chin Moody, CEO and Co-Founder of Sendle. "Now, with holiday peak season forthcoming – a make or break time for many businesses – and a looming recession, it's at our core to do everything we can to open up cost-saving opportunities for our customers. Sendle Saver aims to do just that."

Since its establishment in the U.S. in 2019, Sendle has strived to provide American small business operators a break from the high-cost barriers of entry to obtain savings that big companies with bulk shipping needs are typically afforded. With Sendle Saver, Sendle makes their already affordable shipping options even more cost effective. Packages are delivered in 2-8 days, making Sendle Saver a great low-cost option for deliveries that can afford to take a few extra days in transit.

Customers can save 60% when shipping 20 pounds from Seattle to Portland, save 36% when shipping 10 pounds from Los Angeles to New York, and save 30% when shipping .75 pounds from San Francisco to Denver. Sendle Saver is available to all customers, and will now automatically show up as a shipping option when booking deliveries from the Sendle Dashboard.