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Quivers Adds Dealer Locator To Its Suite Of Online-To-Offline Commerce Solutions

Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers, announced the addition of a dealer locator feature to their commerce tools, that allows brands to show online shoppers a map of local retailers as part of an holistic online and in-store shopping experience.

More Than Another Dealer Locator. It's Collaborative Commerce

Until now, dealer locators were an obstacle in the online path-to-purchase as brands attempted to push consumers offline and into dealers, without the consumer first making a purchase. This approach results in poor conversion from brand website to in-store foot traffic, undermines eCommerce sales, and pushes consumers to consider competing brands' products online.

Quivers' Dealer Locator is integrated into the Quivers commerce platform and serves to enforce online shopping while driving in-store fulfillment post-purchase. This process helps brands convert consumers to purchase on-site and ensures real foot traffic to their local store for pickup, cross-sell, and upsell opportunities.

"We're committed to being the central nervous system that allows specialty brands to provide the online shopping and in-store fulfillment experiences required to be competitive in a rapidly changing commerce environment," said Ben Barenholtz, VP of Marketing for Quivers.

Connecting Brand eCommerce With In-store Retail Shopping

Simple to configure via the Quivers administrative portal, the Dealer Locator lets merchants create a list of local retailers that carry their products. The new feature makes it easy for brands to offer an in-store shopping experience alongside their virtual offering.

The new feature is the latest addition to the Quivers stack of solutions, which includes click-and-collect tools that lets brands offer consumers the ability to purchase online and pickup in-store and curbside. The platform also includes advanced Ship-to-Store capabilities (in partnership with NuORDER) that specifically allows brands to sell products online and offer in-store fulfillment of those products, beyond a retailer's current stocking position.

The new Dealer Locator allows brands to:

• Easily show local retailers and dealers nearby for in-store shopping
• Avoid cannibalizing direct-to-consumer sales online, as consumers are driven to first purchase via the brands website
• Further close the loop in the online-to-offline omnichannel consumer experience with in-store pickup.
• Increase brand credibility by highlighting great retail partners
• Route consumers to authorized dealers for maintenance, service, and customizations
• Provide deeper collaboration with retailers (fulfillers)

In addition to meeting consumer demand for a more customized shopping experience, Dealer Locator also offers the following features:

• Brands can choose which retailers are displayed in the Dealer Locator
• The consumer-facing view of the Dealer Locator can be customized, including map settings and localization options
• The Dealer Locator automatically provides the consumer with the retailer's address, contact information, and hours of operation
• When the Dealer Locator has been configured by the brand, Quivers automatically generates the embed code, which the brand can simply copy and paste into the source code of their website

Dealer Locator is now available to all Quivers' customers as part of the platform's growing suite of eCommerce and fulfillment solutions.