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Popular Pays Announces New Shopify Integration Enabling Shopify Customers to Impact Sales with Influencer & Ambassador Partners

Popular Pays, a leading influencer marketing and content creation platform, is excited to announce their integration with eCommerce software solution, Shopify.

Shopify is the leading omni-channel commerce platform that enables business owners to design, run, and manage their store's sales channels ranging from web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar.  Shopify currently powers over a million businesses in approximately 175 countries.

The Popular Pays Shopify integration consolidates the work of activating and evaluating affiliate, ambassador, and sampling programs all in one place. In addition to Popular Pays' powerful suite of tools like creator search, brief builder, real-time post tracking, and payments management, customers with a connected Shopify account will have a low-friction way of activating partners. Key features of the integration allow customers to view influencer stats and audience conversions in real-time in their brand dashboard and create and distribute custom discount codes directly to selected influencers.

"As more and more of our customers turned to Shopify this year, it only made sense that we explore how to provide them with a more seamless cross-platform experience. We're excited to add another strong tool to our customers' toolbox to evaluate performance of their influencer activations and have a direct tie in to sales impact," says VP of Marketing & Customers Aana Leech.

This integration continues to add to Popular Pays' commitment to provide brands and agencies with tools to help them navigate the future of content creation and advertising. In this new area of agile and remote work, Popular Pays augments the content creation and influencer marketing experience with powerful technology and a vast network of creators to achieve transformative outcomes for brands.