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Pixlee And TurnTo Merge to Become the Leader In “Customer-Powered Commerce” to Meet the Surging Growth in Ecommerce

"Customer-Powered Commerce" transforms how brands create content and build community through relevant, relatable and diverse customer storytelling.

 Pixlee Inc, the leading user-generated content and influencer marketing platform, and TurnTo Networks, Inc., the most innovative platform for customer-generated product content like ratings & reviews, Q&A, and checkout comments, have merged to drive the most authentic digital commerce today.

Pixlee and TurnTo merge to become the industry leader in Customer-Powered Commerce. #customerpoweredcommerce

With the growth of Ecommerce, brands have struggled to create the volume of content required to stay top of mind. "Customer-Powered Commerce" puts the customer at the absolute center of content creation and brand storytelling by making it easy for brands to amplify word-of-mouth marketing and social proof created by a brand's community.  

Marketers and Ecommerce execs can now easily integrate their visual user-generated content with text ratings and reviews across their entire customer journey. Brands finally have an innovative platform for the complete voice of the customer from product display pages, to inspiration galleries, to emails and across digital ads, and to any other digital property with no internal technical resources required. 

"As a long-time customer of both the TurnTo and Pixlee platforms, I can personally speak to their unique value," said Gary Penn, Global Vice President of DTC at Nixon. "It's well-known that businesses don't drive online sales and conversion nearly as well as like-minded customers do! The voice of the customer is an extremely powerful tool in any customer journey. With this merger we have a single, reliable partner to help us find and use our best customer content in our website, marketing, emails, and broader community."

With the Pixlee and TurnTo merger, brands are able to combine two leading solutions to harness the authentic voice of the customer in one place. This proven combination creates content that provides a measurable lift in revenue, brand affinity, and engagement. 

"Lime Crime's brand identity is rooted in listening to consumer voices and sparking conversation with makeup and hair trends that take the internet (and world) by storm! As we continue to enhance our consumer-centric and cross-channel marketing approach, it's great that we now have a powerful marketing solution to help us find and uplift our consumer voices even further," said Kristin Kim, Head of Marketing at Lime Crime.

"The most powerful marketing and merchandising content today is the authentic voice of the customer. Pixlee and TurnTo together deliver more customer-created content from the greatest variety of applications to drive every stage of the shopper journey at all customer touch points," said George Eberstadt, CEO and Founder of TurnTo.