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New Zeamo Rewards Program Helps Companies Incentivize Employee Fitness to Encourage Healthy Habits

With Corporate Wellness a Growing Concern, Zeamo's Unlimited, All-Access Gym Membership Now Rewards Employees with Travel Perks, Concert Tickets & More for Every Gym Check-in

Zeamo, the digital fitness solution for employee wellness, today launched Zeamo Rewards, giving companies a free, easy way to reward employees for staying fit and building healthy habits to improve physical and mental well-being among the workforce.

With Zeamo Rewards, employees earn points for every gym check-in and co-worker subscriber referral through the Zeamo Unlimited gym program. Those points can be redeemed for fun, experiential rewards like discounts toward resorts and hotels, tickets to concerts, sporting events, movies, theme parks and other activities, along with fitness apparel and more.

"Offering tangible rewards to employees for making physical and mental health a priority is a powerful motivator, and one that can make companies stand out from the crowd in a tight talent market," said Paul O'Reilly-Hyland, founder and CEO of Zeamo. "With Zeamo Rewards, we're making it extremely easy—and free—for companies to offer a high-value employee wellness benefit backed with exciting perks."

Employee wellness programs have become a must-have benefit for attracting and retaining talent, and for keeping employees healthy, both mentally and physically. Employee fitness has proven to increase productivity, while reducing illness, absenteeism and presenteeism (employees who show up sick, and are therefore less productive). Even more tangible, better employee fitness could reduce U.S. employer health care costs by as much as $6 billion a year.

That's why nearly 70% of employers offer some kind of wellness benefits for employees. However, without incentives, only 20% of the workforce actually takes advantage of the benefits. Offering perks alongside a comprehensive program can nearly triple participation, to over 56%.

With Zeamo's free corporate wellness program, companies can offer flexible, rewarding fitness programs that give employees hassle-free, unlimited access to a network of membership health clubs around the country. When employees subscribe to Zeamo, they can walk into any network facility in the nation for access to everything the facility has to offer, with no additional fees or contracts. And, because the program works nationwide, it's ideal for companies with distributed and/or remote staff or with multiple locations.

"Companies know that wellness programs are desirable benefits, but employees expect more than just a discount for a single local gym," O'Reilly-Hyland said. "Zeamo lets employers offer and more flexible options with a complete turnkey platform that makes it easy. It's a no-brainer for both companies and their employees."

Current Zeamo Unlimited subscribers will automatically receive an invitation to enroll in Zeamo Rewards, plus 50 points just for signing up.

To get started with a free Zeamo Unlimited corporate wellness program and start helping your employees feel fit, mentally and physically, visit www.zeamo.com