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MySize Debuts Seamless Integration of Ecommerce Footwear Sizing Solution to Retailers’ Websites, Bringing Highly-Accurate Sizing Directly to Online Shoppers

The new offering will bring MySize's highly accurate footwear sizing solution directly to consumers, via a built-in feature on retailers' websites.

MySize, the developer and creator of e-commerce measurement solutions, today announced the full integration of their e-commerce shoe sizing solution directly to retailers' websites. The integrated sizing solution, which joins a growing list of additional capabilities to the MySizeID platform, which includes garment and shoe recommendations. This latest addition is intended to enhance customers' online shopping experience and reduce the hassle of returns for retailers.

Through MySize's hyper-accurate shoe sizing solution seamlessly built-in as a feature on retailers' sites, customers will benefit from an ultra streamlined shopping experience, allowing them to virtually obtain fits for a brand's shoes without needing to download an app. Retailers can provide customers with an incredibly accurate and user friendly sizing solution that will boost their bottom lines and significantly cut down on returns.

As e-commerce footwear sales are slated to reach $21.4 billion in 2021, alongside market size growth recorded at 9.0% per year on average between 2016 and 2021, it's clear that online shoe sales are a major source of revenue for retailers. But as up to 40% of online footwear purchases are returned, sellers are struggling with costs that top billions annually. The industry is well-positioned to embrace technology that gives customers peace of mind regarding their fits and reduces the risk of returns for retailers.

The MySize footwear sizing solution is easy to implement and is "plug and play" with leading e-commerce platforms Shopify, WooCommerce, Lightspeed, Magento, and more. By pairing a footwear retail's product table, GTIN, description, and other relevant details with MySize's AI-driven and machine learning algorithms online shoppers will be presented with a highly accurate size recommendation, which is expected to increase confidence and reduce returns.

MySize has repeatedly demonstrated the positive impact of its highly accurate online sizing solution in the online apparel industry, reducing returns by as much as 50%, and increasing average order value by as much as 30%. Utilizing this same technology, MySize's footwear solution enables customers to receive a highly accurate shoe size recommendation that is saved, using the current wizard.

"When customers can order the right size without needing to jump through hoops or rely on guesswork, both the retailer and the consumer win," said Ronen Luzon, CEO, and Founder of MySize. "By bringing our highly accurate sizing tech directly to retailers' sites, we're empowering larger numbers of customers to obtain the right fit for them, and increasing accessibility to those who may not have wanted to take the extra step of downloading the app. In 2021, consumers expect an online shopping experience that covers them from A to Z, and with our built-in sizing feature, retailers can provide their customers with the very best virtual fits."