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Industry Resource Launches Platform to Help Brands and Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses

The One-Stop-Shop Platform is Dedicated Towards Educating, Collaborating and Connecting with the Best-In-Class Services

Industry Resource officially announces a new platform dedicated to educating, collaborating and connecting with best-in-class services that provide a competitive edge; connecting businesses with resources they need to be successful. Take a look and see how it’s changing the industry here: www.industry-resource.com.

Igloo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian Garofalow states, “Industry Resource is a great destination for brands like Igloo to connect to a network of quality vendors for nearly any need we have. That is crucial as the pandemic affects in-person tradeshows, conferences and interactions where we would normally be meeting prospective resources.”

“It’s essentially a one-stop shop for their needs,” states Group Y Co-Founder and CEO, Mark Sperling.

Initially focused and targeted towards consumer facing brands, Industry Resource debuts as the first platform to offer recommendations for all facets of running a consumer brand. From logistics, marketing, public relations, digital agencies and more, Industry Resource sets the precedent as a solution oriented digital networking “one-stop-shop” platform.

On Industry Resource, brands and individuals can seek expert advice through:

  • Podcasts
  • Insights
  • Workshops
  • Q&A Forums
  • Virtual Events
  • And direct access to ask experts questions

In addition, businesses can host service, material and expert listings on its microsite. People can sign up for free with premium levels with different offerings. Whether a business needs assistance with hiring professionals, logistics, funding, marketing, etc., Industry Resource has the necessary resources to make the proper connections and introductions. Brands like Shopify, Skillshare, Shippo, Common Thread Collective and others have come together to utilize their extensive knowledge base to provide critical learning assets for Industry Resource’s members.

For more information and to get connected on Industry Resource, visit www.industry-resource.com.