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Centric Software Powers Manufacturers & Manufacturing with PLM

Centric Software is proud to announce market-driven, industry-first PLM technology for OEM and ODM manufacturers and their brand and retail partners.  Centric 8 Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) streamlines the way manufacturers work by seamlessly connecting them to their brand and retail partners therefore dramatically improving efficiency and quality as well as shortening time to market.  Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to fashion, retail, footwear, outdoor, luxury, consumer goods, home décor and manufacturing companies to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

In response to demand from brands and private label retailers who conceptualize and sell products and the manufacturers that produce them, Centric’s innovations in Manufacturing PLM fundamentally transform how brands, retailers and manufacturers share information and collaborate.

“We are the first on the market to offer a Manufacturing PLM solution that enables brands, private label retailers and manufacturers to seamlessly share and harmonize tech pack data even if multiple systems or PLM solutions from other vendors are in play,” explains Ron Watson, VP of Products at Centric Software. “Directly connecting trusted trading partners is much faster and less error prone than either a traditional email or spreadsheet-based approach or even relying on a supplier portal to exchange data.”

“The centralized tech pack information within Centric PLM enables manufacturers to receive data in a standardized, consistent format with systematic placement of specifications and units of measure from multiple brands and retailers. Centralized, harmonized information improves workflow, increases efficiency to ensure manufacturers can rapidly adjust to changes, maintain quality and make sure no time is lost for them to deliver products on-time and to spec,” concludes Watson.

Centric PLM for Manufacturers was created in partnership with world-class OEM and ODM companies and is the digital foundation for manufacturers to manage constant change, an avalanche of communications with customers, shrinking deadlines and evolving compliance requirements. Modern and mobile, Centric PLM was created with Silicon Valley expertise and empowers manufacturers to manage complexity and gain a competitive advantage.

For brands and retailers, innovative PLM solutions for sharing technical product data with suppliers shrink manufacturing timelines so brands and retailers can get a higher variety of products to market, faster. Streamlined supplier collaboration builds closer relationships with trading partners, reduces questions and requests for technical clarification, decreases errors, increases the accuracy of costing and improves the quality of samples, prototypes and finished products.

“We are very proud to announce Centric’s new innovations in PLM for Manufacturers to streamline brand, retail and manufacturer relationships,” says Chris Groves, President and CEO of Centric Software. “Centric PLM for Manufacturers is truly transformational for the entire supply chain from producers to those companies who develop and sell products.”