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COVID-19 Crisis Management

The whole world is dealing with COVID-19, and the businesses that use proper crisis communications can better protect their employees, customers and reputation. Without a plan, many businesses will fail.

We are regularly hired to lead crisis communications for global companies, however, COVID-19 is very different for one reason. This crisis isn’t specific to one company, location or region – it is impacting everyone in the developed world.

During this crisis, we’d like to offer some tips for corporate communications to help bring peace of mind to business owners, customers and employees.

1. Identify the key audiences on which your organization depends…these could be loyal team members, your valued customers, external stakeholders, the media and others.

2. Consider each audience group while determining what needs to be communicated.

3. Be honest and transparent in all communications.

4. Exhibit empathy.

5. Communicate quickly, even if you do not have all the facts at hand.

6. Ensure all messaging is consistent, but tailored to all audiences.

7. Be flexible, available and proactive

8. Provide frequent updates

9. Demonstrate that you are listening to stakeholder concerns.

The situation we all face is rapidly evolving, and each of these tips can take time and careful navigation. 

from Master Plan Communications