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5 Innovative Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Your Marketing Strategy This Year

Augmented reality represents a considerable step forward in the consumer experience. Unlike its virtual counterpoint, augmented reality is less concerned with creating an entirely new reality as it is enhancing the world around us. For creative marketers, it's an exciting time to create impactful strategies that reach our core demographics.

If you are an adventurous marketer and interested in learning how to integrate this emerging technology into your game plan, read on for five innovative ways to incorporate augmented reality into a successful marketing strategy.

Design IRL
Showcasing your designs to prospective customers can be an exciting and innovative way to incorporate augmented reality into your marketing plan. Interior designers, furniture, textile and other manufacturers can now create applications that allow potential clients to use the camera function on their smartphones to see what your brand's designs could look like in their actual homes. This technology can be an interesting, interactive way for customers to engage with your designs in a real-life setting.

The Right Fit
Augmented reality applications now allow customers to see how apparel can fit them from the comfort of their own homes. This technology does not have to be limited to big-name brands with big budgets. The newly-launched Facebook AR Studio has put augmented reality in reach for brands of all sizes. Boutique retailers and designers benefit by utilizing this technology to create interactive fitting rooms that allow users to "try on" their clothing and shoes from their smartphones and other devices. This form of augmented reality can be a smart investment in a marketing strategy that would potentially yield dividends in social engagements, website traffic, and conversions.

Hello, Gorgeous
The ability to see how products work in real life can be a barrier for conversion rates in the beauty industry, but augmented reality can change that. Now, customers can utilize their smart devices to see how makeup and skincare products will look on their unique faces. For beauty brands, this technology will be a game-changer. Not only will customers be able to see your products in action, but social sharing will provide valuable user-generated content that also functions as the best kind of organic advertising.

Put a Filter on It
There is a reason why social media users tend to think of Snapchat when describing augmented reality applications. The social media app pioneered the technology with its ubiquitous filters and strategic marketing partnerships. If your budget allows, consider partnering with Snapchat or Facebook to create a custom filter to coincide with your major marketing initiatives. It's an easy way to take advantage of this emerging technology while expanding your brand's reach to a broad, captive audience.

Game On
Pokémon Go left an unforgettable mark on the augmented reality world, and for a good reason. The game was a viral success that provided a playbook on utilizing this technology to create a universal consumer experience. Consider using augmented reality to create a branded gaming experience that will engage users not only with your products or services but with the world around them as well.

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