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2020 Review: The Year Every Week Felt Like BFCM

2020 was a shippy year, to say the least. Online shopping took the world by storm and e-commerce now accounts for one in every five dollars spent. Spring and summer 2020 shipping volumes rivaled 2019’s holiday surges.  Here's a quick recap of what went down, but if you want the full story (details on Cyber Monday, predictions for 2021, and further analysis), read this from Shippo

2020's Weekly Volumes Rivaled 2019's Holiday Volumes.

2020's weekly volumes were actually 2.73% higher than 2019's peak season.

2020 Holiday Surges Were Somewhat Flattened by Sustained, Elevated Volumes

Shipping volume still saw a large YOY increase, but the holiday season was not as pronounced as prior years. 

The Biggest Weeks for Returns were Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

More return labels are scanned the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas than the weeks following the holidays. More details on that here.

Curious about Cyber Monday stats or our predictions for 2021? 

Read on for more data on the most shippy year yet.